About us

Our cats live with us within a detached house with garden and save outdoor area for our cats. We are a small cattery so our cats and kittens live with us as family members. They can use all rooms in the house where we have got many cat toys and cat trees, so they are all the time in contact with us. This is very important for the socialisation of kittens. Health of our cats and kittens is for us very important; we test regularly our breeding cats for HCM, FIV and FeLV. Our kittens get also regular veterinary checks. Before they leave our cattery, they are fully vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. Our breeding cats have been chosen very carefully, they come from all "corners of Europe". We have tried to get the best individuals great in type, big and with interesting and various pedigrees. We feed our cats with premium dry and wet food, and regularly we add meet - chicken, turkey and beef.