nar./born: 15.7.2014

red solid (MCO d)

Bruno is an unbelievable sweet heart. On the start he didn't seem to be big but then he's started to grow ans has been growing and growing... He is also great in type, with good profile, strong chin, big muzzle, ears with long lynx tips and a huge muskular body on high legs. With 5 years is his weight 11.7 kg. We are very proud of him :-).

FIV, FeLV negative, HCM N/N 

nar./born: 9.8.2017

blue silver tabby white (MCO as 09 22)

Giacomo is a dream of a male cat. Very big boy with a strong body, big muzzle, long ears and very long XXL tail. Weight 10,2 kg.

Thank you Veronika for this stunning boy :-).

FIV, FeLV negative, HCM, PKD, PK def., SMA N/N